Hawaii Vacations

Ever think about a Hawaii Vacation? A Hawaiian get-a-way is very exotic compared to anywhere else in this world. My auntie went to Hawaii for her honeymoon and loved it so much that she had to go back for her one year anniversary.

One reason that Hawaii travel seems to be the ideal choice for state side tourists is because it is the only exotic/tropical vacation you can take without having to obta a passport. Now Tahiti and the Caribbean islands are beautiful too but if you have to choose between the hassle of applying for and getting a passport and just booking a flight and leaving...I would rather get up and go..

..so when my aunt asked me if I wanted to go with her this year back to Hawaii on vacation with her kids I very eagerly replied, Yes! It looks like the warm and sunny weather will have to enjoy a fresh piece of this Arizona meat. I will most definitely enjoy the tropical atmosphere.

She described her travel adventures as delightful and fun and truly a tropical getaway. Tourism in Hawaii seems to be increasing over the recent years. I remember when I went to Oahu on my Hawaii vacation with the kids the beaches on Waikiki were busy but not overwhelmingly overcrowded. My aunt said that the beaches were jam packed, especially in areas that wedding receptions were being held.

One thing that I remember about Hawaii travel is that you need to wear sunscreen or else you will roast like a lobster. Sunscreen with an spf of 50 or more should help to keep those hot hawaiian sun rays off your skin.